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Click here!


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Fall Minis 2021 https://www.hatphotog.com/blog/2021/9/fall-minis-2021 It's that time of the year again!!!

Fall Minis 2021!

This year we have chosen a few locations for our Fall photos.  To make it easier we have a link with all the dates & info for each weekend.  Please let us know if you have any questions!





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Fall mini Sessions 2019 https://www.hatphotog.com/blog/2019/9/fall-mini-sessions-2019 Greetings Pumpkin Spice Friends!  Actually I am not a fan of pumpkin, but I love FALL!  The sights, sounds and smells, oh my!  I have two dates planned for Fall Mini Sessions the first being 10/19/19.  Please book today as these spots fill up fast.  I will also open 10/26/19 up if I have to.  If you have any questions feel free to email me by clicking here.


Fall minis 101919Fall minis 101919

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Ana Brandt Baby Clinic https://www.hatphotog.com/blog/2019/3/ana-brandt-baby-clinic Last month I had the opportunity to continue my training with a well known California Maternity/Newborn photographer.  Ana Brandt recently created a new hands on workshop called "Baby Clinic".  As soon as I saw her offering this workshop I knew I had to go.  These clinics consist of 8 newborn photographers grouped in pairs, 4 babies and Ana Brandt.  I spent the morning learning tips, tricks and techniques from one of our Industries best.  It was hands on and we learned wrapping, posing, lighting and angles.  It was a morning that I soon won't forget!  Here is a pic of Henry, "my" baby for that morning.  I am looking forward to taking her brand new Maternity clinic and being part of her 2 day conference this year in NYC!


Baby HenryAna Brandt's Baby Clinic NYC

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Truck Holiday Mini Sessions https://www.hatphotog.com/blog/2018/11/truck-holiday-mini-sessions Looking for something different for your holiday cards this year?  Look no further...Hat Photography has just what you are looking for!  Join us November 10th & 11th for our Holiday Truck Mini Sessions.  We are decking out a truck for you to pose next to, sit in, you name it & say Happy Holiday's in a fun way!  Limited spots available so book today!


Truck Mini'sTruck Mini's

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Something Different... https://www.hatphotog.com/blog/2018/9/something-different Have you heard of rainshoots?  Probably not, well that is until now!  When I was in California at Belly, Baby and Beyond back in May they had an instructor come in and show us how he makes it rain for photos.  All I can say is it was awesome!  I signed up immediately for his email lists as well as to possibly be in his Beta class.  Well I was accepted and we started learning!  After lots of things going wrong and time not on my side, we live on the East Coast and weather will start to not be on my side, we got stuff together to start testing the process out.  We have to tweak things but I wanted to share with all of you what we can now offer our clients.  See below and please call us if you are interested in a rainshoot!  THANKS!

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It's fun to turn ONE! https://www.hatphotog.com/blog/2018/7/its-fun-to-turn-one Cake Smashes are ALL the rave and what better way to turn one than to play in cake!  Here at Hat Photo we try and customize each cake smash per the clients request and make it special.  The balloons, flower puffs, decorations are all included in the cake smash session price!  Cakes are usually provided by the client but I do have access to some amazing bakers and can get you a quote.  Check out a sample of Noah's Mickey Mouse Cake Smash...

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Interns https://www.hatphotog.com/blog/2018/6/interns Hat Photography had the pleasure of having not one, not two but FOUR interns from Dobbs Ferry High School! Talented young men who redesigned my logo, website, created a database of props and automated some tasks for us! It was an honor not only to work with them but introduce them to photography, see how the entire process works from conception of an idea to model calling to the set up and photo shoot and creating the flyer for advertising! Well done boys! Thank you for your hard work over the last few weeks!!!!

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Superheroes of Summer! https://www.hatphotog.com/blog/2018/5/superheroes-of-summer Join Hat Photography for a second awesome Summer Mini-Session.  We're having a Superheroes Mini-Session that you'll just love!  Saturday, July 14th between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM at the Hat Photography Studio in Rye, NY.  Each session is 20 minutes and you'll receive 5 digital images, via online gallery.  $150 payable at time of session.  Reach out now to book your appointment, only 9 slots available!

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Baby Belly and Beyond 2018 https://www.hatphotog.com/blog/2018/5/baby-belly-and-beyond-2018 I spent the last week in sunny Huntington Beach, CA attending sessions at the Belly Baby and Beyond conference, sponsored by Ana Brandt.  There were many outstanding speakers and many interesting and informative sessions.  There were numerous key notes that provided invaluable information.  As a photographer, to be able to attend this event was definitely an opportunity of a lifetime.  This really helped me put my business in perspective to be able to be your best possible photographer!  In addition, I was exposed to an amazing group of vendors and am looking forward to using all the beautiful props, rugs, furs, wraps and newborn accessories I was able to get!

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Double the ONE!! https://www.hatphotog.com/blog/2018/5/double-the-one Who doesn’t love adorable twins? 

I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of celebrating S & G’s 1st Birthday by taking many fun photos – including Cake Smash shots!  The twins were so happy – and cooperative – and I was able to capture so many great shots!  And boy did they love getting their hands on those cakes!  This was a great shoot – one little girl and one little boy make for some wonderful, vibrant pictures.


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